Design Department

In the area of product design, Ssoss Cast Shortened their learning curve by collaborating closely with both customer and appropriate design agencies well versed in market research. Through the market knowledge obtained, the company benefited by acquiring a good understanding of their customers’ preferences and requirements. To ensure that only the highest design quality is developed and maintained, ssoss Cast benchmarked the functionality, look and feel of its new products against those of high-end products offered by European manufacturers.

Reversed Engineering

Our esteem customers sometimes approach us with a product that does not have proper drawings records. In cases like these, Ssoss Cast reverse engineer by extracting knowledge or design information from the product and analyzing its dimenisons and workings in detail. We are also able to reproduce samples on polymer 3D printing based on its extracted information. Only when our customers are satisfied with the results will we proceed for mass production.

Industrial Product Design

Lots of our customers have wonderful product design stored in them. Having just a vague idea in their minds, Ssoss Cast is responsible in translating such an idea into technical drawing and conceptualise it into a workable form. Less costly samples using polymer 3D print can be produce for these projects before any high cost investment such as tooling comes into picture. With decades of experiences in this industry, we are very accustomed to design changes and expectations of our clients. Our principle has always been “to grow with our customers”. Therefore, it does not matter how absurb an idea is because Ssoss Cast believes in fostering that strong partnership that last for years.

Consumer Product Design

For a design to be successful, Ssoss Cast believes that a clear design direction needs to be established. Therefore, when it comes to design, Ssoss Cast counts their customers’ feedback most important. Our company has set up a performance metric that a design is only good if it has international appeal and sell well anywhere else in the world besides Singapore. To Ssoss Cast, a design is only deemed “creative” if the customer perceives ‘value’ in the product.