Zinc Casting

Ssoss one stop solution means you can save on the trouble of visiting different vendors for the final product. Starting from design, tooling, mass production, surface finishing right until assembly, Ssoss provides unparalleled services catered specifically to your requirements. Casting capability across six machines with locking forces from 88 to 160 tonne enables Ssoss to produce zinc parts up to 4 kg shot weight. One of our core competencies is surface finishing. For our customers, subsequent machining and finishing of die cast components is every bit as fundamental as the casting process itself. With advanced CNC technology and additional separate finishing options, we find solutions for even the most specific requirements. From chromating, painting and electroplating to powder coating and physical vapor deposit: We work systematically to meet our customers’ needs.

Industrial Products

Marine Controls Industries

Marine Control Raw Finish

Precision pressure die cast zinc parts for durability and dimension of critical tolerances.

Marine Controls Chrome

Up to 2.8kg with polish, jig plating of copper/nickel chrome or trivalent chrome

Marine Controls Powder Finish

Powder coated with oven baked to provide lasting surface protection even in the harshest environments

Telecommunication Industries

Telecom Raw Finish

Robustness of zinc casting for reliability.

Telecom Nickel Plated

Nickel plated heavy duty hoods for telecom connection.

Telecom Spray Painted

Spray painted lasting surface protection on hoods for various connection needs.

Electrical, Scientific and Various Industries

Electrical & Scientific Chromate

Chromate finishing for various industries, providing extra layer of protection for OEM parts

Office Furniture Powder Coated

Powder coating to customer’s specified pantone colour codes

Consumer Products

Zinc Retail Domestic Hardware

Various finishing like water transfer printing, satin chrome and nickel plating sets our product differently creating a niche market

Retail Products Souvenir

Uniquely Singapore, we are proud to have our merlion design approved by Singapore tourism board.

Laundry Rack

Designed by the users. This durable laundry rack performs spectacularly in confine spaces under tropical weather conditions.