Company Profile

In April 1995, SSOSS Cast Pte Ltd started our first production factory in Larkin Industrial Estate, Johor, Malaysia.

In 1997, to expand and globalize our operation, SSOSS CAST purchased a piece of land in Quanzhou (Fujian Province, China) and built its own Zinc Die Casting Factory. In 1998, the operation in Malaysia was transferred to China. To support the China operations, SSOSS CAST also set up head office in Singapore to co-ordinate orders, shipments and sales enquiries.

While our head office is situated in Singapore, our production facility is located in China just 60 km from Xiamen International Airport/Container seaport. With excellent logistic links, we are able to ship our products conveniently and efficiently around the world.

With an administrative head office in Singapore and a factory in China, SSOSS CAST is able to serve our customers efficiently and supply them with high quality and cost effective Zinc Die Cast Components. SSOSS CAST’s customers span around the globe and include companies from South East Asia, Japan, America, and Europe.

Partnering With SSOSS

SSOSS Cast offers a wide range of Casting, machining and finishing services on precision aluminium or Zinc die castings and plastic injection moulding. Utilizing innovative tool designs and technology, we are able to produce up to 2.8 kg per shot weight on large precision zinc die castings while holding tight tolerances that are among the best in the industry. Whether you require prototypes, low or high volume production quantities for OEM applications, SSOSS Cast offers dependable international delivery of your die castings and plastic moulding needs while adhering to ISO 9001 quality standards.

ISO 9001 Accredited

Keeping updated with many engineering organisations, Ssoss Cast currently holds the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which is one of the world’s most recognised quality management standards.

The ISO 9001 accreditation, which is used worldwide by business is based quality management principles which enables businesses of all sizes and sectors to meet their clients’ and relevant interested parties’ needs and expectations consistently through quality products and services while forging sustainable relationships with all relevant stakeholders.

Quality Principles

As supplier to both small and major multinational companies, it is our company’s goal to strive for total customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the company has identified the following principles:

  1. Supplying parts to customer specifications. (ZERO DEFECTS)
  2. Delivery of parts on time.
  3. Periodic review of quality process, quality standards, inspections procedures, packing etc.
  4. Regular visits to our clients to gather feedback and take necessary action where applicable.
  5. Upgrade the skills of all our employees.
  6. Continuously improve our work process through innovation and technology.
  7. Maintain a safe working environment through our Safety Management System.

Our in-house quality control department provides a constant flow of inspections, reports, updates, and observations not only to maintain tolerances but to conform that your exact specifications is maintained. Special gauges, measurement tools and testing equipment are used during inspection to ensure the quality of each part, every step of the production process.